Logo ReQIS Context

Accessible communications such as public government announcements , television and radio news, emergency announcements, etc. are, in usually transmitted, for various reasons, in written or oral form.

Recognized as a reference organization for the defence of the rights of Deaf and hard of hearing people, ReQIS wants to promote communicative accessibility as a strategy for universal accessibility in order to reduce the barriers faced by deaf and hard of hearing people in the exercise of their citizenship.

It is therefore important to identify the issues surrounding communication in sign language as it is the keystone of communicative accessibility for deaf and hard of hearing people.

  • Why: For the communicative accessibility and inclusion of Deaf and hard of hearing people.
  • Who: For Deaf and hard of hearing people.
  • How: Through an in-depth study to identify issues related to communication practices in sign language.

Logo ReQIS Objectives

This research will provide scientific recommendation on which we can build to continue to advance the cause through our collective advocacy work.More specifically, the objectives of the project are to:

Plus précisément, les objectifs du projet sont de :

  • Document and analyze standards, policies and practices for accessible sign language communications in Canada and internationally.
  • Identify issues related to accessible sign language communications.
  • Analyze and test models and practices to determine which ones provide optimal communicative accessibility for Deaf and hard of hearing Canadians.
  • Make concrete recommendations for accessible sign language communication standards.

Logo ReQIS Acknowledgements

In order to carry out such a mission, ReQIS will work closely with the CBLS (CB Linguistics Services), the Research Group on LSQ and ASL and Deaf Bilingualism at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) and several partners.

We would like to thank the Government of Canada through the Accessibility Standards Canada program as well as all our partners for the realization of this project.